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Parallel with SmartGen, Good Use! Perfect


By Zhou Zhitian, service engineer of SmartGen 

Jiaozuo Mengniu Dairy adopts two 250KW imported gas gensets, gas for biogas. Choose two HGM9510 parallel unit controllers and one HGM9560 parallel with grid controller of SmartGen. The biogas generated from the sewage treatment plant was in the air before without installing the unit, it polluted the environment. After added unit, sewage treatment plant stores biogas produced from industrial waste water through a series of industrial waste water sewage treatment system in storage bag, there are two gas gensets by HGM9510 start closing and parallel unit when storage bag is full, then through HGM9560 and mains parallel with grid to supply part of electricity for the factory. This consumes biogas and reduces the power consumption. Energy saving and environmental protection.

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