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Weichai Heavy Machinery Returns, Who Wants to Be the Challenger in High-pressure Parallel Unit?


By Zhou Wei, the marketing department of SmartGen

At the beginning of March Weichai Heavy Machinery (Weifang) Co., Ltd. produced Weichai heavy machinery king engine in the "engine home platform" was popular, in the industry set off a small boom, became a hot topic of genset industry in the first quarter. At the end of March Weichai heavy truck Chongqing branch of the six medium-speed high-power diesel engine appear, but also high-pressure parallel unit. Then will it be popular? I think so, what do you think?


Engine model: CW16V200ZD, rated power 1760KW, overload power 1936KW, rated speed of 1000 rpm. The genset is assembled and produced by Weichai Power Generation Equipment Co., Ltd., and the genset has a power of 1600KW. It adopts 6 sets of 10.5KV high-voltage unit and it is applied to a foreign project.


The so-called good horse with a good saddle, as a high-voltage genset parallel unit system, gensets, pressure regulator, speed control devices, and parallel unit controller plays a vital role. The whole system configuration can be described as high-end. Generators are used in the domestic high-voltage generator leader, China Shipping Heavy Industry 10.5KV, 2000KVA high-voltage genset. The pressure board uses the international brand ABB. Speed control system is equipped with well-known foreign brands WOODWARD, model 2301E. And the parallel unit controller as the core of the parallel unit system, using the Zhengzhou SmartGen Technology Co., Ltd. produced SmartGen brand, HGM9510 genset parallel controller.


Such an important foreign project to use the Chinese people's own brand, let Xiaobian feel very pleased! 

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