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Biogas Gen-Gen and Gen-Grid Parallel Application


At present, the clean energy in distributed energy is mainly gaseous fuel, and there are gas, biogas, etc. The combustible ingredient in the biogas is mainly methane. In our daily life, methane is the most easily produced gas from garbage accumulation, as a kind of greenhouse gas, methane is 21 times more harmful to the atmosphere than carbon dioxide. In addition, landfill gas contains toxic and carcinogenic gases, which can cause great harm to human health and ecological environment. But in recent years landfill gas as fuel power generation project gradually appear, this kind of power generation has short construction period, permanent covers and no secondary pollution, and uses the harmful gases after landfill to reach the purpose of cleaning the air. So local governments strongly support the construction of this project.

SmartGen R&D and production of HGM9530 grid parallel control system, is widely applied in medium and small power of gas genset, gas genset, coalbed gas genset control, protection and grid parallel generation. HGM9530 genset parallel with grid generation system is mainly composed of HGM9530 controller, unit bus and mains parallel grid switch controller HGM9560, AIN24 gas engine data acquisition module, DOUT16A output module, generating units can be used for its own use, excess capacity can also be online sell electricity to the State Grid, to achieve a variety of ways to turn a profit.


 Gas gensets parallel with grid application


Gas single genset parallel with grid application

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