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SmartGen Provides Support for Intelligent Tunnel Tractor Control


VOLVO TAD1354GE EFI engine is controlled by HGM7210CAN. In general, because of the tunnel tractors large power, it will run at high speed once the tunnel tractor is started. In order to save the cost of fuel oil, the customer needed SmartGens controller could help tunnel tractor to realize functions as same as cars that tunnel tractor could run at low speed when it is stopped and work at related 1500RPM speed when it run with load. HGM7210CAN could meet customers needs completely that we set programmable input port as idling mode. Engine running at idle that idling control input port close via external PLC normal-close output when runnel tractor stop. And when runnel tractor starts to run with load, external vehicle-mounted sensor sends signal to PLC to disconnect output port of PLC and input port of idling control, and then engine will run at high speed. When we need engine stop, external PLC sends stop instructions to controller, and then we set programmable input port of HGM7210CAN as simulation key input close. Thus, the unit will stop after heat dissipation finally. 


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