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Marine Diesel Control Solutions of SmartGen



MGCP100B Series Diesel Control Box

After ten years of consistent R&D and product promotion in marine diesel control and power management control of automatic power station, MGCP100B series diesel control boxes and HMC6 power management modules provided by SmartGen with advanced technology, full functions and complete certificates have increased in the high-end marine market year by year, gaining rich experience in field of diesel control of marine propulsion engines, marine auxiliary engines and marine gensets with different uses.

Features of SmartGen marine diesel control solutions

1. MGCP100B series control boxes are appliable for marine diesel of different speed regulation (machanical , electronic and ECM control).

2. Master control module with backlight LCD display, Chinese/English optional, the main parameters can be set through panel to realize “one button operation”.

3. Up to 16 remote monitoring modules can be extended by CANBUS.

4. 2 pieces of 16 digital inputs (DIN16A), 2 pieces of 16 relay outputs (DOUT16B), 2 pieces of 16 PT100 inputs (AIN16 - PT), 2 pieces of 16 4 ~ 20 mA inputs (AIN16 - C), 2 pieces of 16 analog integrated extension modules (AIN16 - M02) can be extended by CANBUS, which can realize multi-channel digital inputs, temperature, pressure, speed data sampling, relay and 4 ~ 20 mA output can be configured at the same time.

5. CANBUS can be used to extend the security module (RPU560A) to achieve multiple protection of the engine.

6. It can be controlled and communicated by CANBUS and dozens of EFI diesels with J1939 interface.

7. With RTC, alarm information display and event log, it is convenient to daily maintenance and fault inquiry.

Standardized control modules and extension modules

Classification societies have strict regulations for marine diesel gensets and marine engines control and protection, SmartGen adopts the main control module and extension module topological structure to build control system, strictly in accordance with the classification rules for design, with 22 years experience in the field of diesel control to ensure the highly standardized modules development process and the product functions.

Marine Diesel Control Series



MGCP100 series diesel engine control box with various functions


MGCP100L and MGCP100B series control boxes are based on the design concept of master control module and extension module. The master control module and extension module are connected through the standard CANBUS interface, following a unified network topology. At the same time, the master control module is pre-built with a set of programmable configuration parameters, so the user can change the working mechanism of the control system without changing the circuit.

HMC4000/HMC6000A/HMC9000A control modules have the models to support J1939 interface, suitable for makers of marine EFI diesel controlled by ECM, the speed control unit and some sensors could be saved from the topology.

Control Topology of HMC6000A Engine Control Module in Complex Applications


Control Topology of HMC9000A Engine Control Module in Complex Applications


Users can use MGCP100B-2 diesel control box and its supporting remote transmission module on the diesel master genset, emergency genset and main propulsion diesel to make a one-stop marine power and automatic power station solution with the HMC6 power management control module developed by SmartGen.

Power Management Application


One-stop Service

SmartGen has a professional marine products service team, which can provide customers with one-stop services such as solution design, production, product certification (CCS, BV) and debugging guidance from the diesel control and automatic power station power management.


MGCPB-2 Series Diesel Control Box


A 20 meters patrol boat from a marine bureau equipped with two Scania DI13 EFI diesel; MGCP100B-2 diesel control box and HRM3300 remote monitoring module in the control console of SmartGen adopted to realize side and remote control operation. The bimotored driven and twin-screw boat is mainly used for law enforcement patrols along the Yangtze River waterway to ensure safe and orderly shipping.

Power Station Solution: MGCP100B-2 + HLS300 Power Sharing Module


Three official ships of a shipyard equipped with Cummins main genset. MGCP100B-2 diesel control boxes with HMC9000A as the master control modules are used, the switch panel is an automatic power station built by HLS300 load distributor and HSM300 sync control module.

MGCP100B-2 Series Diesel Control Box


4 main gensets (Cummins EFI diesel) on a surveying ship are equipped with MGCP100B-2 diesel control box with HMC9000A master control module.


The MGCP100B-2 diesel control box is installed on the main propulsion and the main control module is HMC9000A.

HRM3300 and HMC6000RM Remote Transmission Module Application


HRM3300 and HMC6000RM remote transmission modules installed on the driving console and AMS alarm monitoring platform.

MGCP100B-2 Series Diesel Control Box


Cummins master engine: HMC6000 diesel control box with security module, switch expansion control module, remote transmission module, which can detect engine speed, water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, water pressure, battery voltage and other parameters. With water level alarm input, fuel leakage alarm input, low pressure alarm input, anti-condensation heating functions, as well as multiple alarm outputs that the alarm point can be extended.

MGCP100B-2 Series Diesel Control Box


VOLOV D7 master engine: HMC6000 diesel control box with power conversion module, digital output expansion module, battery charger and two sets of remote monitoring modules; it can monitor the engine speed, oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature, water pressure, battery voltage and other parameters, with fuel leakage, low water level alarm input functions.


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