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Application of Multi Master Station Power Management Controller HMC in "Yueshanchengyu 16118"


"Yueshanchengyu 16118"

"Yueshanchengyu 16118" is the first newly built ocean fishing ship powered by LNG fuel designed by CSS605, a subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation Limited. This ship is mainly used for trawling in the South China Sea. It is 53.5m long, 8.5m wide and a single trawler with twin propeller slipway. The ship is specially equipped with a set of LNG cold energy utilization system, which can meet the cooling capacity requirement of the fish tank at -18℃, realizing the purpose of green energy saving.


In order to improve the automation of the power station management system, a tailor-made main switchboard for the ship is equipped with the power management system of SmartGen. Without the intervention of external programmable devices, the designer uses 3 HMC6 power management controllers to set up a multi master station power management system, which realizes the on-demand scheduling and real-time automatic protection of different types of gensets and greatly improve the crew's working environment and work efficiency.

Manual, semi-automatic and automatic modes are set for each genset, allowing different units to work in different modes, and the starting sequence can be adjusted at will. The semi-automatic mode can realize remote manual starting and stopping, one-key synchronous closing and automatic load distribution, one-key unlocking and opening. The mode can coexist with the automatic mode of other units. In the automatic mode, three main gensets can be synchronized automatically according to their priority. In parallel running, they can be automatically modulated and loaded to achieve balanced distribution of active power. The online genset is increased in heavy load while reduced in light load. In case of on-line genset failure, the standby genset will start and take part in automatically, and the failed genset will quit automatically. The system also has the function of heavy load inquiry. When the main genset running in parallel is overloaded, the system can automatically unload the non-important load.


HEP300 Electronic Potentiometer for Frequency Modulation of LNG Fuel Power Units

It is emphasized that the LNG fuel power unit is equipped with HEP300 electronic potentiometer of SmartGen, making switch quantity control signal issued by the power management system transfer to the voltage signal of settable center point voltage and adjustable change range, creating favorable conditions for the realization of the diesel gensets and LNG fuel power unit automatic parallel, modulation of frequency and load.


HMC6 Main Operation Interface

Introduction of the Core Functions of Multi Master Power Management Controller HMC6


Power Management Solution of HMC6 with HMC9000 Diesel Engine Control Box


The system builds a real multi master station system through MSC communication network (CAN bus), and its power management function is realized by the calculation of all generator control units. In the system, a control unit is selected as the "instruction unit", which is responsible for the calculation of the starting priority and other related power management functions of the genset. It can realize automatic synchronization and load distribution of up to 16 gensets. If one control unit fails, the power management calculation will be automatically transferred to the next available control unit.

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