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SmartGen∣Multi-Master Power Management Controller HMC6 in "Jujie701"


On September 18, 2020, 700T semi-submersible crane ship built by Ningbo Boda Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. was successfully launched at Hepu Boda Wharf. At present, it has been towed to Guangzhou to carry out the installation and commissioning of the 700-ton full-circle slewing crane in the next stage.


700T Semi-submersible Crane Ship "Jujie701"

In order to improve the reliability and automation level of this ship's automatic power station management system in response to various complex lifting conditions, the main power distribution system of this ship is equipped with multi-master power management system built by SmartGen HMC6 power management controller to achieve the main genset on-demand automatic scheduling and real-time protection, and greatly improve the power supply reliability of crane under heavy load operation.


Main Switchboard of 700T Semi-submersible Crane Ship "Jujie701"

During the commissioning process of the power station, the on-site service personnel of SmartGen cooperated with the project management personnel of Boda shipyard, the main switchboard manufacturer and the genset manufacturer to work together to ensure that the power station passed the acceptance of CCS with high standards. This is another successful application of SmartGen ship engine control products in the high-end marine market.


Inspection and Acceptance Site of Automatic Power Station

"Jujie701" is 81 meters long, 141 meters long overall, 6 meters deep, maximum sinking depth of 24 meters, 10202 gross tons. This ship is equipped with a 700-ton full-circle slewing crane for the installation of offshore wind power equipment, which is widely used in the construction technology of marine projects. Besides the "Jujie701", "Jujie702" of the same series has been launched in July 2020 and "Jujie703" (86m semi-submersible barge) is expected to be completed in November.

Introduction of the Core Functions of Multi Master Power Management Controller HMC6


Power Management Solution of HMC6 with HEP300 Electronic potentiometer

The system builds a real multi master station system through MSC communication network (CAN bus), and its power management function is realized by the calculation of all generator control units. In the system, a control unit is selected as the "instruction unit", which is responsible for the calculation of the starting priority and other related power management functions of the genset. It can realize automatic synchronization and load distribution of up to 16 gensets. If one control unit fails, the power management calculation will be automatically transferred to the next available control unit.


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