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Set Sail: Woodward New Products



The mould rains ends and summer wind is hot. 

There are many cicadas in high willows.


Time flows away as running water. Time goes by quietly and it is July. The first batch of new Woodward control modules will set sail to the world from here, across the mountains and sea!


Since SmartGen and Woodward had jointly released a series of new products on April 11th, more than 60 days had already passed. In these days, the two sides didn’t stop the pace of progress, but they rolled up their sleeves and worked with added energy. In marketing, Woodward sales staffs prepare for action and make the layout of global market; as the sole agent of China, the team of SmartGen led by the chairman Yang and the Woodward representatives visited all over the country's main customers, personally introducing new products in high temperature hot summer; German and China engineers continuously optimize the product according to the customer feedback from the first batch of prototype, tirelessly check every detail to provide customers with high quality products and perfect experience.

Sitting down under the moon, the night is short but the summer is long, we know that all our efforts will have results finally.

It's time.



Look, the new EASYGEN control modules have await eagerly the command, shining with the wisdom of Chinese and German. They will set sail from SmartGen, from Zhengzhou, from China to the world. It is not only our long-cherished wish but also our duty to equip every piece of equipment of the world with a more intelligent brain!


We are ready to set sail and finally the day is coming. This is just a new beginning, we will leave our expectations in the long march. Woodward series products will continue to be updated, hoisting the sails to travel in the vast sea!

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