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Marine Automatic Power Station Solutions of SmartGen (Chapter 1)


The Experimental Site for 1800KW Genset Load of Drilling Platform

The marine power distribution products of Smartgen have obtained CCS certificate and BV certificate since 2013, we have cooperated with many genset manufacturers and marine switchboard manufacturers, and made outstanding achievements in supporting the diesel control and PMS control of marine automatic power station of Cummins, Volvo, CAT, Scania and other marine diesel control. During the past six years, the market share of marine power distribution products (HMC6 Power Management Control Module, HSM300 Synchronous Module, HLS300 Power Share Module, HMP300 Power Integrated Protection Module, etc) and Marine Diesel Control Box have been increasing year by year, the products are safe and reliable as well, which have been praised by the majority of users.


The ship power distribution management in the field of PMS is gradually shifted from general PLC to specialized power management control, and marine power distribution products of SmartGen have been improved and updated continuously, gradually become an important manufacturer who can provide a full set of devices , such as power managerment control module, sysynchronous control module, power aquisition and protection for marine automatic control field from home and abroad. The flexible combination of variouos products can be designed for power station solutions to meet the different technical requirements.


The HMC6 Power Management Control Module not only has the basic functions of automatic power station parallel connection, load sharing and power protection, but also the power management functions of heavy load inquiry, non-important load tripping and automatic start and stop. It can support three working modes which commonly used in automatic power station: manual (switchboard mode), semi-automatic and automatic; speed regulation/voltage regulation integrates relay output, voltage signal, current signal and other three regulation modes; with the built-in PLC programming function, the users can use the control module to design a power management system to meet the technical requirements of middle and high-end for marine automatic power station.


HMC6 Front Panel


HMC6 Back Panel


Power Management System: HMC6 Power Management Control Module+HEP300 Electronic Potentiometer 

This system doesn’t require users to install general PLC to build a real multi-master station system by SmartGen MSC communication network ( CANBUS). The power management functions are calculated by all diesel generator units, one of the diesel generator units is internally defined as the "command unit". This unit is the one where start priority and other power management-related functions are calculated. 

The HMC6 Power Management Control Module can handle up to 16 diesel generators to automatic synchronization and load sharing. Should the command unit fail, the power management calculations will automatically be transferred to the next available unit. The module has two MSC communication interfaces, which can support MSC communication redundancy and ensure steady operation of core functions such as load distribution and synchronization for electrically-propelled ships, marine ships and other applications that require high reliability of power stations.


On-site debugging of automatic power station for a 450 passenger ship


Inspection and acceptance site of automatic power station for a drilling platform


(Next Chapter) Power Management System: HLS300 Power Share Module + HSM300 Synchronous Module +HMP300 Power Integrated Protection module +PLC 

This power management system consists of HLS300 Power Share Module, HSM300 Synchronous Module, HMP300 Power Integrated Protection Module and PLC, which can handle up to 16 diesel generators to automatic synchronization and load sharing and is widely used in the high-efficiency cost-ratio automatic power station of ocean fishing boats, chemical ships, bulk cargo ships, passenger ships and public service ships.

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