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WOODWARD easYgen-3100XT/3200XT Control Module




Practical Application of Products


easYgen-3100XT/3200XT controller could provide more genset parallel connection, grid connection and power management solutions. The WOODWARD TOOLKIT software can be  used to configure the various functions of the controller so that each project can be customized.


easYgen-3100XT/3200XT controller can be used for various specifications and purposes of the gensets. It is specially designed for starting, stopping, controlling and protecting the genset and circuit breaker control. It can be used for single machine control, multi-machine parallel control, single machine grid-connection and multi-machine grid-connection control. Multi-purpose design can provide users with more excellent functions and high cost performance ratio. easYgen-3000XT series controller also has a number of models specially designed for outdoor applications which can be operated in environments as low as -40℃.


easYgen-3000XT/3200XT Functions:

Multi-purpose: 3 systems measurement (genset, mains and bus) enable the controller to be used for single machine control, multi-machine parallel connection, single machine grid-connection and multi-machine grid-connection;

High flexibility: it can realize the function of external PLC through internal logic management/analogue management;

High reliability: the external anti-interference ability of the system is enhanced through isolated measurement input, relay output, bias output and isolated communication channel;

Generality: it can be fully used with the old version controller, enhancing the maintainability of the customer system;

Complete protection function: it has the protection function of mains, generator and engine, which doesn’t need to use additional protection system;

Multi-language support: 14 languages are available for users to choose;

High precision sampling: voltage and current are measured by RMS with an accuracy of 0.5%;

Flexible screen configuration: home screen can be configured, 2 edit screens can be customized ;

Multiple interfaces: 2X CAN for CAN1929 and load distribution, Ethernet interface and RS485 interface, USB interface, among which Ethernet interface can also provide load distribution function;

Scalability: 19 analog inputs (3 on the device ontology, supporting 16 external extensions), 16 analog outputs (2 on the device ontology, supporting 4 external extensions).


Homepage Display of the Control Module


User-defined Display of the Control Module


Logical Management Display of the Control Module

easYgen- 3100/3200 XT application:


Single machine application: only used to start and stop the engine, control circuit breaker to achieve the purpose of protecting the genset.


Multi-machine parallel connection: it can be used in parallel connection of multiple genset to control the load distribution of genset on the bus.


Single grid-connected: it can be used for single generator and mains supply parallel applications.


Multi-machine grid-connection: it can be used for the grid-connection of multiple genset and mains.

Remote control panel

Remote control panel RP-3000XT is a 7-inch color touch screen, which is compatible with all controllers of easYgen-3000XT series. By changing the IP address of the panel, the remote control panel will automatically detect all easygnXT controllers connected to Ethernet.



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