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Communication & Power Modules Making Control Easier


In order to quickly solve the problems for customers, SmartGen has developed a small-sized, easy-to-use communication, power modules. The models and functions are as follows:


PTM6940 Transformer Module

Elementary 690V, secondary 400V;

Guide rail mounting;

It is used for 3P3W, 3P4W.


BTM300 Dual DC Power Switch Module

Two inputs, one output; 

DC 24V-1A;

LED indication and power supply status relay output;

Guide rail or screw fixed mounting;

Any normal voltage will guaranteen the system power supply.


HRC12 Bluetooth Communication Module

Supports data communication between mobile phone (Android only) and genset;

It is connected with control module via RS485;

The mobile phone APP controls the start/stop of the genset;

Bluetooth communication distance is moren than 50 meters;

The mobile phone APP controls the power supply of the control module or wakes up the unit control module;

Guide rail or screw fixed mounting.


SGB100 Bluetooth Communication Module

Bluetooth 4.1, BLE low power comsumption;

Cooperates with mobile phone APP (IGMPA6) for parameter configuration and device control (Android phones only);

It is Suitable for SmartGen control module with USB SLAVE interface;

Communication distance is up to 10m.


SG72A Communication Convertion Module

RS232 is shifted to USB;

RS485 is shifted to USB;

LINK is shifted to USB;

It is suitable for equipment with above interfaces;

The module power is taken from the USB interface of the computer.


SGUE485 Communication Interface Convertion Module

USB interface (special for SmartGen control module) is converted to isolated standard RS485 interface;

RS485 network can connect with up to 32 nodes;

Guide rail mounting;

USB power supply.



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