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Hybrid Energy Control Module---HES7120-PV


HES7120-PV Hybrid energy control module is used in solar energy control system with inverter as output. It can control the closing and opening of the circuit breaker, start and stop of the inverter and the output power, etc.It can be set as fixed power, busbar control power and inverter control power mode, and display all data and status of solar PV power generation according to the system application.


Function and Characteristics

1、Collect and display three-phase voltage, three-phase current, frequency and power parameters of busbar/PV generation.

2、The busbar has the functions of over voltage, under voltage, over frequency, under frequency, loss of phase, reverse phase sequence, over power, reverse power and voltage imbalance.

3、PV generation has the functions of over voltage, under voltage, over frequency, under frequency, loss of phase, reverse phase sequence and voltage imbalance.

4、The voltage, current and power display of up to 4 solar panel channels can be set.

5、The maximum capacity of PV is calculated by collecting up to three solar panel temperatures and three solar panels illuminance.

6、A variety of temperature, pressure, liquid level, power transmitter, light radiation illumination sensor curve can be used directly.

7、Busbar power acquisition can be obtained by current transformer, power transmitter and communication.

8、With a variety of 485 interface protocol, it can communicate with various inverters with 485 interface.

9、With the function of normal automatic closing and starting with load, automatic soft loading and soft unloading.

10、With the minimum load power setting of the busbar to prevent reverse power transmission to the busbar.

11、With up to 6 busbar power sharing channels, and calculates the total load power of busbar in real time according to the state of input port.

12、It can realize automatic start/stop of PV generation inverter, close and open of circuit breaker switch and perfect fault display protection.

13、Three active power control modes (fixed power, busbar control power, inverter control).

14、Four reactive power control modes (fixed power, busbar control power, power factor, inverter control).

Hybrid Energy Control Test System

The test system is mainly composed of mains, diesel genset, automatic switching of dual power supply, photovoltaic power generation, inverter and hybrid energy control module HES7120-PV.



Description of Working Mode

1. In the manual mode, the inverter is started and stopped by the start/ stop key, and the inverter power circuit breaker is controlled by the close/open key.

2. In the automatic mode, when the busbar is normal, the inverter circuit breaker is closed and the inverter starts to output. When the busbar is abnormal, the inverter circuit breaker is opened and the inverter stops output.

3. In the stop mode, the inverter circuit breaker opens and the inverter does not output.

Note: During the conversion of mains and generation, the inverter circuit breaker shall be opened or the inverter power output shall be stopped; the controller can be set to prohibit ATS conversion.

PV Active Power Control Mode

1. Fixed Power Mode 

Active power of constant output setting

2. Busbar Control Power Mode

Set the minimum load percentage ratio of the busbar, and the part exceeding the minimum load setting value of the busbar will be loaded by PV generation. The busbar control mode must be connected to the busbar CT or busbar power transmitter or other communication methods to obtain the busbar power.

3. Inverter Control Mode

The controller does not control the power output, but the inverter controls the output of active power.

Typical Connection Diagram





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