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SmartGen | Welcome Leaders of CCS Wuhan Branch to Visit Us


Recently, leaders of CCS Wuhan branch visited SmartGen for communication and guidance.


Mr. Cui Wenfeng, general manager of SmartGen and Mr. Zang Hesheng, equipment R&D engineer, etc. had a deep exchange and industry discussion with leaders of Wuhan branch. At the meeting, leaders of CCS Wuhan branch put forward guidance and suggestions on the industry trends and the development of SmartGen marine products. Our leaders also expressed their gratitude and respect for the help given by CCS to SmartGen in recent years!


On the same day, the leaders of CCS Wuhan branch also visited the production of SmartGen marine supporting products, electronic production workshop and product testing center, etc. They approved SmartGen's production process and the control of details, and put forward valuable advice.


SmartGen Marine supporting products currently include marine engine control module, marine diesel control box, remote monitoring module, power management module and so on. At present, our products have passed CCS certification and BV certification.

SmartGen Marine Supporting Products (Part)


The growth and development of SmartGen is inseparable from the support and help of partners. Thanks the leaders of CCS Wuhan branch again for their painstaking visit to SmartGen for communication and guidance, and look forward to our better meeting next time!


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