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See You in Dubai


After much longing and anticipation, the arrival of East Wind heralds the footsteps of spring are fast approaching.

There is a beautiful city,near the spectacular desert but with the world's most luxurious buildings and beautiful beaches. It is the Dubai of the United Arab Emirates. We sincerely invite you and make an appointment with you in the 2018 Middle East Electricity Exhibition.

It has the world's most abundant industry information, it has the world's largest electricity exhibitor, it is one of the world's biggest electricity exhibition-- MEE Exhibition.


For ten years, we attend it every time and we are waiting for you. On March 6-8, 2018, we look forward to seeing you in S1.C49.

There are only things that you cannot imagine, nothing you cannot achieve. SmartGen will meet all your industry needs in Dubai.

Kites in the sky are increasing in number, and so are the children on the ground. People young and old, from cities or villages, every family comes out hurriedly to stretch a little and do their own things. “Make your whole year's plans in spring”,this is a new start; there are work to do and hopes to fulfill.

SmartGen is like a vibrant youth with steel-like physique leading us forward.

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