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SmartGen | MV-ATS Controller HAT860 Listed with Wished Function


MV-ATS system has features of reliable transfer, fast transfer, simple structure, especially the electric interlock, program interlock or mechanical interlock function ensures the supply security, which has been generally applied in 10kV supply system of data center. 

HAT860 is a module that integrates programmable function, automatic measurement, PT break detection, load stepwise switch, LCD display and digital communication. Matching with MV-ATS, it can realize fast, intelligent, safe and reliable power supply.


Panel Indication Drawing

Main Functions and Characteristics:

─PT break detection;

─Load stepwise switch;

─Expand 6 16-way digital input modules and 3 16-way digital output module via RS485;

─Bustie breaker control function, suitable for 4-incoming 2-bustie application scheme (realize by two HAT860 modules);

─Earth fault protection;

─NEL trip;

─Dual RS485 isolated communication ports;

─EMC meets GB/T14048.11-2016 and IEC/EN 60947-6-1;

─Auto transfer/restore, auto transfer/non-restore;

─200 event logs;

─Supply power (PA, PB): AC(90~305)V/DC110V/DC220V; (B+, B-): DC12V/24V/48V.


Controller Rear Panel Drawing

Remote monitoring controller with 8-inch color touch screen can be selected to realize remote control, data monitoring, parameter configuration, etc. of HAT860 MV-ATS controller via RS485.


HMU8-860 Remote monitoring controller

Main Functions and Characteristics:

─8-inch color LCD with 800*600 resolution, HMI display and capacitive touch screen operation;

─Chinese and English operations are optional;

─Homepage interface displays dual power system configuration of master control module, real-time status of power, ATS, generator and load breaker;

─Control manual/auto, auto transfer/restore, auto transfer non-restore of master control module;

─Stepwise switch status monitoring and control function, max. 24-way load breakers can be controlled;

─Realize one-key close/open control and genset start/stop operation of master control module in manual mode;

─Display S1/S2 voltage, current, frequency and other electric parameters of master control module in real time;

─Display load information like active power, reactive power, apparent power and power factor of master control module;

─Display S1/S2 accumulated active energy, reactive energy, close times, auto transfer times, mains failure transfer times of master control module;

─Display current continuous supply time, S1/S2 accumulated supply time, auto transfer running time of master control module;

─Display master control module alarm information in real time;

─Event log function of master control module, adjust its real-time clock;

─Allow users to change and set the parameters of master control module;

─RS485 communication parameters of monitoring module and master control module has auto synchronization function;

─Suitable for 12/24VDC battery voltage environment;

─Monitoring module screen has 10-level brightness, which can adjust brightness according to environment.

Stepwise Switch System Application Diagram


Medium Voltage Load Breaker Stepwise Switch Application Diagram


Low Voltage Load Breaker Stepwise Switch Application Diagram


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