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SmartGen | Ordinary and Tenacious


It was the hot summer of 2019 when I first met Fu Ruirui.

I vaguely remembered the situation at that time, the head of HR told me that the girl who applied for the debugging position was very good and asked me to come for an interview.

When I got her resume, the first thing I saw was a line of beautiful fonts. But when I saw the major, I was very surprised. Normal university? Music major? Were you sure that the person recommended to me was the debugger? Fortunately, she had done debugging related work before, which slightly dispelled my doubts.

Looking at this gentle, elegant, quiet and indifferent girl, I decided to hire after in-depth conversation. She may be a good candidate if the company has activities in the future.


Not long after she joined the company, her mentor told me: "she is really good. She is very quick to learn and has a very strong learning ability. The most important thing is that she has a job in her eyes. She can do it quickly and well without my help , and she is very serious and careful. We should recruit more capable employees for our production line in the future.”

When you get to know her deeply, you will find that under the gentle and elegant appearance, she is actually a workaholic. Before 8 o'clock in the morning, she is busy in the workshop. Before everyone go to work, she starts the day's preparation work: opening the test bench and confirming the equipment status in advance; Preparing the SOP files, test lines, test tools, etc. of the first batch of streamline products according to the planned sequence; Then doing the 5S work on site. When other employees arrive at their posts one after another, she has already finished the preparatory work, and is waiting for working.

Slowly, the colleagues around her will unconsciously follow her to start the preparations before going to work. I think this is the power of example. The world will live up to every persistence and effort. In just one year of joining the company, she was selected as the company's annual "benchmark employee".

Usually, I can often hear everyone calling her to help confirm the product, check whether there is any problem with the test line, and arrange for support. At this time, you can always hear her crisp response, tirelessly solve one problem after another, never say tired. I once asked her, "don't you feel bored with these trivial and meticulous work every day?" "No," she said. "I love my job. I just think about how to do it well."


From the staff to the group leader, from the group leader to the line leader, she has taken every step steadfastly and firmly.

From the preliminary test to the outgoing quality control, she is mainstay of the outgoing quality control process.

There are many stories about her, which will not be earth-shaking, and it sounds very ordinary just like the ordinary people around us. But excellence is never something to say. Excellence is created by accumulated efforts in those ordinary days. Excellence is to accept the ordinary, and then go all out to be outstanding in the field you love.

Ordinary and tenacious shines in her daily work and lasts in the long river of years.


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